Remove song from device if it was removed from Plex playlist

Feature description:

When the song was downloaded as a part of a playlist, and after it has been removed from it - delete the song from device.

Problem solved:

Prevents tracks from accumulating on the device that no longer match playlist filters.

Brought benefits:

  1. If the track was added as part of a playlist, for example “unlistened Queen tracks”, downloaded and listened to on the device - frees up space for a new track from the same category.
  2. The ability to have on the device only tracks that match the filters (unlistened, last added X albums Y year from Z artist)

Other application solutions:

 Both Plex and Plexamp for Android (and Plexamp for Windows also) have this ability, but:

  • Plexamp stores same tracks that appear in different playlists as separate tracks bloating cache folder
  • Plex for Android does not have a wide enough range of offline track information (album type, genres, artist information) 

Additional description and context:

 Now, when using Symphonium, tracks that were added as part of a playlist and were subsequently excluded from it remain on the device if you use the playlist as a source of automatic offline cache 

Screenshots / Mockup:


The fact that Plexamp duplicate the songs is the reason why it’s complicated specially in the world of Symfonium with much more advanced features and allowing caching single songs and automatic caching on artists or genres.

So a song can be cached manually or via another rule that would cross the playlist and knowing if a song should be deleted or not becomes impossible.

Ok, but if you use just one playlist - “unplayed music”. And in this case there will be only one rule - “the number of plays is less than 1”. So, I think it will be possible to avoid conflicting rules of different playlists, 'cause there will be just one playlist.

Except that this does not represent reality, since it’s possible to offline cache one song currently there’s no way to detect if the song was cached via automatic rules or manually.

So there’s no way to decide if the song can be deleted or not.

So no it’s not currently possible, there’s plan to improve thing in the future, but currently there’s no way to add it the way you want.

But for your example, you can easily create another smart playlist with is played and is offline cached, then with 1 click select remove from offline cache.