Remove Heart + Three Dots from Non-Default Now Playing styles

I really like that there are multiple ways to configure the Now Playing style. However, the only thing keeping me on the Default style is that the other styles all put something on the album cover – namely a ‘favorite’ heart on the top left and three-dot menu icons on the bottom right. I personally prefer the album cover to be large/totally clean, so the other styles break that for me.

I saw a recent issue where you’d implemented a feature to disable the ‘favorite’ heart, so I imagine that solves part of my problem once that features makes it downstream. That just leaves the three dot ‘More actions’ menu. I’m not sure what the best approach is, but my personal preference would be to make that accessible by long-pressing on the album cover, then remove the three-dots icon itself. This could be optional in general/for all of the non-Default styles, though I’m not sure of the best UI for that in the options menu.

Curious if others have thoughts. Just started using this app with my Jellyfin server and absolutely love the experience so far.

I also see that the beta is full on the Google Play store, is there any way I could get onto that as well? Thanks!

Sorry no plans for that. (Favorite button is configurable in today’s release).

The 3 dots menu is mandatory, users do not remember their settings and will complain + long press is already used to return to start of songs.

And there’s also the lyrics button and the chapter buttons that are always over the image including in default mode.

Those icons are with high alpha and no background when the music is playing so nearly invisible. They only become more visible when the media is paused to remind the user where they are.

Ah cool cool, I just updated and got the favorites button option.

Personally I’d swap all of the media controls on the album cover if I could in favor of this if the option were available, I get that existing users would be confused if that was a hard switch. As far as the lyrics + chapter buttons, I don’t have those with the music I’m listening to so it does just come down to the three dots.

As an alternative, is there a way to configure the colors of that icon when music is playing in a theme? I don’t see anything obvious (none of the settings in the theme I’ve modified have alpha lower than 0xFF) but I’d also be happy to just max out the transparency on that icon while music is playing, then it’s fine if it shows up while music is paused.

Not possible, and honestly it’s already nearly not visible.

Gotcha. It’s pretty visible to me on dark covers, but it sounds like there’s no workaround here anyway.


I may eventually add an option to increase the alpha on the buttons, not remove, too much impacts + other buttons to handle too

Sure thing, I should’ve included a screenshot in the first place – here are a few that I just snagged.

And good call, an alpha control feels like it avoids too much clashing with other functionality.

So next release will have a setting for extra transparency to the overlay icons. No fine tune of the value or anything more but should be enough.

Sounds good, I appreciate the quick responses + implementation.