Remote Control feature

Remote control for Jellyfin > Chromecast

At the moment Symfonium chromecast support is outstanding and easily walks all over Jellyfin’s native app but from my understandimg the app can only interact with one chromecast at a time. I was wondering if Symfonium could be better by also have the ability to act as a remote control for different casting streams as well.

I have previously used DS audio station and I am able to play/create an instance where a playlist is initiated on my phone but streamed from the ds audio station app on my nas to a chromecast device. I am then able to
1 open a ds audio app on another device, open the chromecast device and interact with the queue.
2 start a new cast from my phone but on a different chromecast device and flip between the two or howeve4 many active casts there are.

From my understanding this is also how a sonos system works and it would allow anyone with a symfonium app on the network access interact with a playlist. Great for a whole family to play music throughout the house.

Is Symfonium capable of this if Jellyfin is capable of it. I guess it should be.

Having such a feature would surely make make symfonium a more desirable to all :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Hopefully this all makes sense.

For the record there’s a template to fill and keep as it clearly state :wink:

Anyway in Symfonium world this is not possible as it’s multi provider offline first. You can play content from Jellyfin and your local phone and Plex in the same queue even without access to those servers.

So there’s no server to host the queue properly. Hosting the queue at the Chromecast side would not cover all cases and the API is really limited (can’t handle a 300 000 k song playlist ;)) and it would not cover UPnP.

Sorry for not using the correct format.

What I proposed wasn’t just for Jellyfin, any app thay works with Symfonium would benefit.

In my head it would be like more than one symfonium app requesting from your music server and playing on a chromecast, but it all be handled from the one app as well.

Just means I could amend/interact with the playlist from say a tablet if my phone was in another room.

And how would that work from technical point of view :stuck_out_tongue:

It require that Symfonium was a full server and other Symfonium could connect to the master one.
That’s an insane amount of work for very very little purpose sorry.

Sorry I have very little know how with this sort of stuff.

I know DS Audio Station achieves this but I guess it’s something that is implemented server side.

I would ask Jellyfin but I don’t think it’s a priority for them yet.

I just love your app and hate how clunky DS Audio Station is.


I think Jellyfin support that server side but only for Jellyfin content, so not suitable for Symfonium.