Releases grouped by release type (Albums, Single, Compilation...)

Feature description:

In the artist page it would be nice to have the releases grouped by album, single, EP, live etc. and not mixed together.

Problem solved:

For artists with a big discography, it will be easier to navigate and find a specific release.

Brought benefits:

It’s common use to have artists releases grouped by type. Wikipedia, Discogs, Musicbrainz does like this.

Other application solutions:

It is supported by LMS with the “release type” tag from Musicbrainz. Apparently it is also supported by the new Opensubsonic API.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Screenshot from LMS with releases grouped by type:

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What would be great too would be to have a “Appears on” section, like in sonixd, for albums where the artist appears on tracks, but is not the album artist.