Release Year tag (TDRL) ignored

Issue description:

I have audio files tagged with ID3 v2.4 and using the tag TDRL (release date) to specify the year (setting only the year: YYYY). I imported my music using the local device and by folders.

Looking at the details of the file, the year is empty: marked with a “-”.


Logs and audio files attached.
I have added three versions of the same file:

  • Id3v2.3, TYER, year working
  • Id3v2.4, TDRL, year not working
  • Id3v2.4, TYER-TDRL, year not working


Additional information:

The year is properly processed if the file uses the TDRC (recording date) with v2.4; it also works ok with TYER (recording year) v2.3
debug.log (37.8 KB) (25.3 MB)

Thanks all cases will work in next release.

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