Record label navigation node

Hi, i’m using Symfonium with a Navidrome instance, i saw from the navigation nodes that there’re some interesting filters like the record label one which for me is very important.
Could you explain me which tags do you consider in order to properly tag my files ?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I do not consider tags when using a server I take what they serve.

Subsonic does not support Record label, so no luck.

Ping @deluan if he have them in it’s database maybe we can expose it.

thanks @Tolriq for the answer now i connect the proposal from yours Subsonic Extension table of exposing more data :slight_smile:

Record label is not currently imported from tags in Navidrome, just because there’s no way to leverage it in Subsonic API, nor in the Web UI. It should be very straightforward to do it though, but as you said, it is not part of the (current) Subsonic API, so can’t really do anything.

If you already had it, we could expose privately like the lastplayed stuff.

But if not, then yes no need to do it sneaky, let’s wait for the extensions.

This is realy sad, that subsonic is not sending “Record Label” “Publisher” information.
Hope this will be extended in next releases. Would be very nice.