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Thank you for your application, it is very pleasant to use.

However, I have a question, or a troubleshooting. I come from DSub where “recently played” (music played on navidrome) was updated (like “recently added”) when I open the application (or when I access to the menu).
But with Symfonium, I need to sync manually.
My server is navidrome (but with airsonic it was the same)

Am I missing something ?

thank you


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Reproduction steps:

Play a music on navidrome (wait the music is ended and next begin)
Open Symfonium
Go to the recently played
The last album played is not shown.
Sync manually
The last album played is displayed

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Symfonium being offline first and multiprovider it have a different way of handling data to be faster and offer more features.

Unfortunately due to the current nature of OpenSubsonic current status there’s not yet a differential sync API to quickly sync external plays, hence the result you see.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I understand the implications of multi-provider management.

When you say differential sync, you mean for exemple sending data and api return only the difference with internal status ?
Currently, I see the getAlbumList2 end-point, but, it comes only with size parameter.

With others provider, is a way of quick sync implemented ? or following your first sentence, symfonium does not provide this function ?

thank you

Only Kodi implements the necessary API for now. OpenSubsonic hopefully will at some point too, but this takes time.