Receiving "Unable to Connect" Message for Plex

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I’m new to this application, and submitted the logs via email to support. Not sure if I also need to post here. I was able to use Symfonium to access my Plex server without issue, but then I was having problems with my internet that required several reboots and resets of my mode/router, but things seem to be working fine now. The network name and password are the same, and the IP Address appears to be the same as well. I’m able to access Plex on my computer browser and my database will update and play songs without issue. However, I am unable to access Plex on the Symfonium App, despite logging into Plex again through the App. It looks like the IP Address is the same and there haven’t been any changes that I can tell, but I still get the “Unable to Connect” message. I’d appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.

19:24:23.959 P:Error T:PlexAdd
IOException failed to connect to (port 32400) from / (port 45224) after 5000ms

Well the IP returned by Plex server is not accessible from your phone.

Your phone is in network 100.116 and the IP is 192 so different networks.

Either you lack routing between the networks or plex server does not have the updated IPs but from the data the app have access to there’s no Plex there or no way to reach it from the phone.

I deleted the Plex server from Symfonium, played around with the Plex settings and activated the ‘remote access’ option, and then added the Plex server back to Symfonim, and that seems to have done the trick. I’m not sure how the ‘remote access’ option got unchecked, but I’m guessing that was the problem. Thank you for the quick response and assistance.