Random stoppages with large playlists

Hi Tolriq,

Firstly, I want to congratulate you on Symfonium. When I was using Kodi I purchased Yatse and thought it was very close to being my music player. Chromecast integration is excellent, and the transfer between different players is seamless. Well done.

Firstly, I don’t have logs (so please don’t delete my ticket!) but I experience random stoppages on large playlists (>5K). For example, Symfonium will play for 3 hours and then just stop - I don’t seem to experience this on smaller playlists (<1K). It also seems worse when connecting to a car stereo or Android Auto, but it is hard to problem solve without turning on debug for an extended period.

Are you okay with a large log file to assist in problem solving?


Of course else I can’t see :slight_smile:

But if you connect to your car test by enabling the ignore stop command in settings as some car send a stop when stopped.

OK, I’ve had my first “hang” - Symfonium is not responding. My notifications:

2022-10-10 17_07_27-Window

Restarting Symfonium only displayed the startup screen so I had to restart my phone, but now I have a log file :slight_smile:

debug-20221010_171227.zip (4.0 MB)

Previous exit reason: 9/400 - excessive cpu 297550 during 300068 dur=372382 limit=25 [2022-10-10 13:38:25.148]

Your phone kill the app because it says it use too much Cpu.

From the logs the only thing that can use CPU is the playlist auto sync since they seem really huge.

I’d import them not in read only mode to avoid unwanted recurrent syncs (they can sync even without changes due to limitations in Subsonic API)

No problem to manually sync playlists periodically.

Thank you for your explanation.


This is an hypothesis, from one log :slight_smile:

Let’s test before claim victory :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. I deleted the playlist (note that an orphaned entry was left under the “Auto offline rules” section - does that class as a bug?).

Now resyncing, but since all the files exist there is no downloading, just checking.

Will report back in few days.

Small issue indeed will be fixed.

Damn - problem is still there.

debug-20221011_115808.zip (1.2 MB)

and here’s the two different messages I receive:


Well this is something completely different the media seems not supported.

Does media like “Various Artists/All Time Golden Hits (200 Original Super Hits)/Rock ‘n’ Roll Music.flac” or “Carpenters/Gold - Greatest Hits/Solitaire.flac” plays correctly ?

Could either be the file not supported, or an error during offline cache.

Yes, both media examples play perfectly. They are converted to 256kbps on download. I’m sure you have answered this, but what is the location of the offline cache so I can check the converted file?

I would expect that converting 5K media files would take about 13-14 hours, but last time it took less than 2 hours. I have long suspected that Symfonium has record of the converted file, but it has not downloaded correctly into the offline cache.

If the media do play manually then they are OK;

Can you provide logs when playing those 2 media to confirm the cache is also used when you play them.

I have “Prefer server version on WiFi” turned on, so I disconnected from WiFi. Then, they do not play manually:

Then remove them from offline cache and add them again with logs enabled to see what happens.

Hi Tolriq,

This image shows that “Alter Mann” (among many others) is zero bytes:

I deleted the entry for “Alter Mann”, did another sync and “Alter Mann” appeared at the end with the correct length:

It now plays correctly.

It seems that the download process is creating zero byte files. How can I help you problem solve?


I would need logs when that happens.

Your server probably returns some unusual thing that Symfonium does not detect as an error.

While I can easily add some detection around empty files, if this error can concern half downloaded media this needs investigation.

I can confirm I have many zero sized files, screen attached. The attached log represents me going backwards and forwards in the playlist as Symfonium displays error messages about the file.

debug-20221016_095838.zip (109.2 KB)

I will re-download files with debug turned on to catch any errors.

Check your server logs at the same time, I’ve added a check for empty file for next release and I do not see how an error would be not caught.
So I’m pretty sure there’s transcoding issue on the server but it returns a valid 0 byte file and no errors leading to this.

Hey Tolriq,

I suspect that Navidrome has made a change in the latest release that has fixed this issue.

I still experience some strange behaviour with my large playlist, but nothing like before.

Can we close this ticket, and I’ll report any future, repeatable issues.

Thanks again for Symfonium.