Random songs on homepage

Feature description:

Media Provider : Navidrome

Currently the homepage has options for random artists and random albums, but not random songs. I’d like to include random songs.

Problem solved:

Play a random selection of songs, with several different artists and albums, instead of the present, play one album/artist fully, before changing to the next. (When using the random feature)

Brought benefits:

This allows for a more varied listening experience. The current option of random artists/albums makes one listen to the entire album, which sometimes does get boring, listening to the same type of songs over and over.

Other application solutions:


Additional description and context:

There is a way to achieve what I want in the current setup itself by placing a shortcut to songs on the homepage and clicking shuffle on the songs tab. However, since the homepage does have random artists and random albums, I believe it would be a better (read easier/lazier) experience to have random songs also on the homepage.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Screenshot showing available options for the homepage in interface settings.

Thank you.

Why don’t you just use the Song mix button that does that in a more pleasant way than random?

I never considered this option. Will try.

As for another reason for this option, seeing a random song that i forgot I had stored in my library might make me want to open it and listen to it.
(Come to think of it, the album might show up in random albums)

Also in my personal opinion, the homepage looks more complete to me this way.

I understand satisfying every user’s aesthetic sense is going to be difficult.


The problem is not about adding things, it’s about adding the proper things to fit the needs not what you assume is the solution :slight_smile:

Random is pure random, so it can display 10 songs from the same album in rare cases, completely breaking the first need. And why song mix is made for (Or even the shuffle button in the song list as it ensure no repetition see [Wiki] Mixes, Radio, Shuffle, Shuffled, ... What the random).

Same for the forgotten stuff, for albums there’s the Rediscover albums row that have the proper algorithm to fit that need, something random does not really fit either.

That’s really why the template insists on the needs not the solution you think are the one you need.

So yes I can add the random songs, but I suppose the rediscover songs is more important and should be there too.

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Will check out all of these features.
Thank you once again.