Random Songs get added to my offline content

Issue description:

Not sure why but, Every time I try to sync a new playlist or have it do it automatically it adds random full albums that I don’t have in the playlist.

Even if I just do my favorites only it still will just find random albums some from artists that I don’t even have a singe favorited track from, but most of them are from artists I like.

I did a fresh new offline cash of just 4 songs and I’ll end up with hundreds of songs I did not request.

I also made sure to check the auto offline and nothing is else is there besides the playlist i eventually added to see if it would work better then manually selecting the playlist

Can’t find anyone else who has this issues so I’m hoping someone can help


Upload description: Alexander0408-Adding Random Songs

Additional information:

It has happened on multiple version of the app. I originally tryed the app a few years ago on the free trial and got this issue, main reason why I stoped using it,

Was hopping the newer version fixed it so I bought the full version to to find out it still has the issue :frowning: I’m hopping we can find a fix xd so I don’t have random songs mixing in where there not supposed to lol

Reproduction steps:

It’s hard to reproduce, you first have to download to full playlist correctly then when you sync it manually or when the app does a random sync it will someone time add random playlists and other times not

Media provider:




Go to manage offline files then auto offline rules and see what’s there you’ll probably see some rules that you added that triggers that.

Forgot to add that to my description, but i unfortunately have looked there and nothing is there besides the main playlist i eventually added to see if it would work better then just manually selecting the playlist

Have you enabled the auto offline cache of favorites?

Do you download from a smart playlist? The logs does not show the initial queuing of the media, but if a media is offline cached it’s part of a selection or a rule there’s no random offline cache in the app.

I have enabled offline caching of favorites to permanent cache.

I’m surprized it doesn’t show the initializing of the queuing because made sure to do that lol.

I have gotten the same results with a Normal playlist as well as a Smart playlist that was imported from Plex.

It also seems to mainly affect when I have it downloaded in a lower quality"transcoded" rather than in the original version.

The queue starts before the start of the logs so there’s an automatic rule that triggers this before.

Probably the favorite rule. If you favorite an artist it will download all songs from the artists.

OHHHHHHHH, That’s it xd, I forgot that I favorited an artist on Plex, and that transfers over to the app. Thanks for telling me that