Random "Pausing" At Beginning of Song

Issue description:

Sometimes a song change results in Symfonium pausing, appearing to be stuck on 00:00. Symfonium has not paused according to the screen


debug-20230711_161629.zip (160.2 KB)


No real point, as mentioned the slider sits on 00:00 but not paused

Additional information:

Some information that may be of interest:

  • “Prefer server version on Wifi” is on, so I can see one of the MP3’s transcoding on the fly in the log.
  • playing a smart playlist that has all my favourite artists, albums and songs randomly playing

The log shows me re-creating the process:

  • playing OK until “Temptation” starts (which is an mp3 BTW)
  • forward and “Sharevari” plays
  • reverse and “Temptation” now plays okay

Does it always happen with that file?

Can you send it to me?

Logs don’t really show why ExoPlayer stuck at buffering. Probably caused by the replay gain transcoding engine.

Not just that file, but I can send it to you (how?).

As soon as I turned off debug, I had the same problem with “Sharevari”! I had to reverse/forward to play that song.

I have “Enhanced Replay Gain Processor (Experimental)” turned on.

You can upload here in PM if it’s small enough.

And can you show a screenshot of the now playing state when it happens?

Hi Tolriq,

I might have found the issue…

Looking at the debug log, the file being requested is:

Various Artists/Female Tribute To Tom Waits, Volume 1/04 - Temptation.mp3


That file is actually located in:

Compilation\Female Tribute To Tom Waits, Volume 1\Disc 1\04 - Clara Bakker - Temptation.mp3

The location was changed on 24-Feb-2023, and I have uninstalled/installed and re-synced many times since then.

Navidrome maybe?

This is unrelated Navidrome just expose fake filenames and in all case everything is done via ids.

Please close this Tolriq - this is my problem, not yours. Sorry