Radio stations list remains empty, even after importing or adding

Issue description:

Internet radios list is empty (“Nothing to display”) despite having several stations defined on the Navidrome instance. I can try to import these from the server, where they are listed as available for import, but when I do so they are skipped (“2 duplicate internet radio(s) skipped!”). Manually adding the station using the url to the stream does nothing; no error, but still no radio stations. I guess the radio stations are present/added, but do not show.


Upload description: wouter

Additional information:

This is on the phone of a family member with access to the same subsonic server. I do not have this issue, but he does, and I cannot figure out why. He even has the same phone model as I do.

Reproduction steps:

Open internet radios, see the list is empty. Choose import and either enter a url manually or import from the subsonic (Navidrome) server. In the latter case, the available stations are listed but are not imported since they are duplicates. The list of radio stations remains empty.

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Remove the filter? :slight_smile:

The text in the middle gives an useful advice here.

Hm, no idea how he managed to activate that, and I did not recognize the icon as a filter icon (looks like a sort icon to me) so I did not check. But I found it, thanks!