Question regarding sorting order


I’ve got a question regarding the sorting. I’m using a library for my kids radio/audio plays and the sorting is kind of off.

They’re named as follows:
Episode 01 - Title
Episode 10 - Title
Episode 102 - Title

Unfortunately there are a lot of episodes so the new episodes are 3 digits while the old ones are only 2 digits. This results in the 10x episodes showing up before episode 11 which is a like awkward. Emby as the backend sorts them correctly. I’ve attached two screenshots, one from symfonium one from emby to show what I mean.

Is it possible to change the sorting behavior to the order in emby?

Second screenshot.

The app have different sorting that you can change.

You need to be sure to use the sort title sort if those media have a proper sortitle, or sort by track number. Without logs and the header I have no way to know in what part of the app you are.

It’s in albums by artist and of course sorted by title. There is no different sorting title.

Ah one thing that might not be clear. An episode is an album so there are 4-8 tracks inside.

I will attach a screenshot of the header and a log I created while opening the view. (46,6 KB)

And the screenshot, as I’m not able to attach more than one file.

Click on title and select sort title as sort not title.

The sort is acting as it should when using the title value.

I tried sort title before, but that doesn’t change the order at all.

But I think I found another sorting that fixes it. “Display artist” shows the correct order.

Then you need to set up the sort title on Emby side.

Provide logs during a sync so I can see what Emby send as sort title.

You can probably sort by date too, the other sort is just luck because Emby send them in that order during sync.

Title and sort title are exactly the same on emby’s side.

I created a log during sync. (2,5 MB)

If they are the same then it’s normal that the result are similar, sort is alphabetical in Symfonium. Natural sort order on phone is wayy too slow to properly handle all the supported languages, since it’s not something that existing naturally in SQLite.

To fix your issue you just need to set proper sort title to those albums so they are sorted in the order you want.