Purchasing Symfonium through Paypal/Google-less?

Is there a way to do this? Like we can with Yatse? If not please make it so, I woud like to purchase pro.

There’s already quite a few posts about that here.

What I can currently offer is infinite trial durations via a paypal donation on Ko-fi.

Will you offer a unlocker or something similar soon? As always your app is great and I would like to purchase pro to continue using it

I just answered you above.

No I can’t to not be banned, and infinite trial is the same.

So something like what you do with Yatse wont be available ever here? That’s what I’m asking, something similar, like I pay you with PayPal and you give me an unlocker. I could buy the infinite trial in the mean time but I’m not sure it will work on my device, I’m using MicroG so in-app purchases don’t work, do you know of someone that has bought that infinite trial and it worked for them using MicroG? The Yatse way does work on my device.
I want to buy the app, is just this that is stopping me.

I just told you 3 times now.

Yes it works, that’s the purpose of this solution… Not tied to email or Google but to device.

Yatse solution was from other times where Google was less enforcing, it’s hidden as much as possible but I still fear at every version push to get removed over it. But can’t remove easily to allow users to still download their files.

I just told you 3 times now.

Nope, you haven’t told me about something similar to an unlocker, an infinite trial is not similar, is just a workaround because, and I’m just guessing, I would have to give you the ID every time I flash a ROM in my phone, while that is not something I frequently do, it does happen from time to time and I will have to wait for you, whereas with the unlocker I just install it in my phone and done. Also does the infinite trial work with two active devices or should I have to buy it twice?

Yatse solution was from other times where Google was less enforcing, it’s hidden as much as possible but I still fear at every version push to get removed over it.

I understand that. I’m ultimately OK with the infinite trial if that’s the only option. How much should I send over ko-fi and should I create an account there or how does this works?

You are incredible, I told you each time NO I don’t think I can make it more clear, the fact that you refuse that answer does not make my answer less relevant.

And yes as documented in the other posts and here infinite trial is tied to the device.

Anyway this solution does not sound like it could fit both of us so I’m sorry but I’m not in position to offer it to you.

As a side note, I have 0 obligation do propose anything, this is a workaround for people who understand that they want to be Google free and there’s side effects.
When you flash a ROM and seems unhappy that you have to wait for me, you forget that having to manually deal with your decision to flash a ROM will cost me a lot of times that in the end cost me a lot more than the price you may pay for the workaround … So that in the end I’m paying for your “freedom” not the other way.

Hi Tolriq,

love your app so far and it’s the best Subsonic compatible player in my opinion.
I am in the same boat as this guy with a degoogled phone and I would love to use your alternative with infinite trial.
Sorry to bother you again, but I have one question regarding the smoothest process for you.

Should I just do the donation on Ko-Fi and enter my trial id there as private message?
Or is it better to contact you on this forum with the id?

It’s better to give the trialID here, public message there should never talk about license. I doubt that Google bots looks there but who knows.

The process is that users needs to first ask here to be sure to understand the limits and the asked price. Then donate then give the trialID.

Price there is at least 6€ to cover a part of the time to manually handle this and the future phone changes.

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Hi Tolriq,

How do I message you my trial id here?
Also, what limitations are there if I go for the infinite trial option with a donation on Ko-fi?

You can click my name then message / chat, or via PM on Ko-fi too.

There’s no limitations except that you need to contact me when you change your device. And it’s expected that you do not change devices every months :slight_smile:

If you change device you start a new trial anyway so you have plenty of time to contact me and me to enable the new license so not loss of features during that time either.

For the record you found an ancient post but the price via that method is 6€ now as there’s too much demand and I actually loose money with this solution, but I also hate Google so well :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m using this app called Fully Kiosk Browser, which accepts payment for a key, which is tied to a device id. When the id is changed for a reason, users can go to a form to update the id number and it is done automatically.

They offer services outside of Play Store that allows them to do this.

For apps only distributed on stores the rules clearly forbid that and there’s risks of ban (And there’s many bans, even open sources app that just link to github with a donate button …)

Until the law forces Google I won’t put the account at risk for very little gains.