Purchase restore issue with Work Profile on Android

Issue description:

Hey, I installed Symfonium from Google Play Store (Work Profile) that’s logged in to my account that I’ve purchased from. I went into Symfonium and tried to restore purchase, but it failed. I’m assuming it’s some complication with me using a Work Profile, but I’m not confident.


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Reproduction steps:

Use Shelter from F Droid to create a work profile, sign in into the Play Store (Work), download Symfonium, try to restore purchase.

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I unfortunately have no control over Play Store.

You need to be sure that the app is installed with the proper account selected in Play Store in the profile, seems it’s not always easy to do.

If I may add something: try to download some other apps that have a license similar to Symfonium’s and see if it works or not with Shelter.

I don’t have any other such purchases; all other apps that I have subscriptions of are account/login based.

Also, I can confirm that I have indeed installed Symfonium in the correct profile, and other apps(games) in that same profile detect my Play Games, etc profiles automatically.

Play Games profiles are 100% unrelated to the profile the apps are installed with and the license management.

As I said there’s nothing I can do on Symfonium side to force things, there’s know issue with multiple accounts since the beginning and they refuse to handle this.

I see I’m SOL on this. Nevermind, I’ll see and update here if I find some fix.