Provide backup solution for local thumbnails

Feature description:

Include user entered artists thumbnails with backup file and ideally thumbnails can be used across devices.

Problem solved:

Assigning local thumbnails is a labors process and they do not persist on reinstall. I tried to backup the ‘cached_thumbnail’ folder where the images ‘live’ but that didn’t work.

Brought benefits:

Not having to assign hundreds thumbnails every time. Sharing the files across devices would be great.

Other application solutions:

 PowerAmp can include images files with backup. 

Additional description and context:

 Media provider: LMS 

Screenshots / Mockup:


Backups currently lack a few things, but if you use a server you should in all cases do the modification at server side so that the data is available everywhere including LMS browser and other apps.

Yes, that would be ideal to serve artists art from a server side. Unfortunately classical music has multi artists per recording + composer + track artist.
For example when I include artist.jpg on server side in Symfonium it will populate every artist from album artist tag eg: Johann Sebastian Bach, Collegium Vocale Gent, Philippe Herreweghe.
That’s why the only solution I can think of is to manually assign images in Symfonium.
I have talked to LMS creator about it. Maybe he can came with a solution.

Yes @itm is active and friendly when he have his coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

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The LMS creator already provided a solution with the latest version. Problem solved!