Progress indicator for "Finishing Sync" (local provider)

Feature description:

The last step during sync sounds like it’s just doing some quick housekeeping to finish the sync but there’s more to it. Because of this it should display some sort of progress indicator. Or long running tasks should get their own step (incl. a progress indicator)

Problem solved:

A full scan of my largish collection takes some time. The actual scan (local provider, custom scanner) runs about 30min and does display the progress. The scan is followed by “finishing sync” without any progress indicator but running MUCH longer (at least 90min).

Adding more detailed progress would make the sync more transparent and predictable.

Brought benefits:

Better user experience.

Other application solutions:

Don’t know of a really good solution, Symfonium had more features than most other apps (e.g. Lyrics lookup during sync)

Additional description and context:

Only applies to local provider IMHO. Kodi sync for example is blazing fast and won’t benefit from more detailed progress indicators…

Screenshots / Mockup:

Fetching Artist info… 100%
Looking up Lyrics… 50%
Finishing sync

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Thanks a lot, will retry as soon as Google lets me download Beta 2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great suggestion!

Thanks for implementing, Dev!

Can’t wait to try it

Rescanning using Beta 2: the new steps are very detailed and long running processes like “Gathering metadata” have a progress indicator now. I really like the implementation, thanks a lot!

Yes, this looks awesome!

Thank you!

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