Problems with servers when uninstalling the application

Issue description:

Every time I uninstall the app. And when I synchronize my albums both on OneDrive and on other webdav box providers, it doesn’t synchronize many files, for example I have a folder with 12 tracks but when I look at the album there are only 9 tracks or 11 tracks, sometimes there are even 2 tracks and Sometimes the files synchronize but the songs don’t appear in the 12-track album and to appear the 12 tracks in the album, normally what I do in this case is I put a character in the file for example 01 Hi passion or (01) hi Paixão If I Uninstall the app to appear in the 12-track album I have to remove this character from the file again I have to do it manually and that is very annoying I will send you a screenshot of the album as an example so you can see are you doubting me so do the test I would like them to fix this problem


Upload description: problems with servers when uninstalling the application

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 The album you see on the screen. It actually has 12 tracks and it only has 11 tracks, sometimes when I uninstall the application it accidentally synchronizes but sometimes with 6 tracks, sometimes 2 tracks. library and for them to appear I have to go to the folder there in OneDrive and put a character in the file or Rename if you are going to uninstall I would like this problem to be corrected ok thank you very much not only with OneDrive this problem also happens in the box and on the Webdav Server do the test in doubt 

Media provider:

One Drive




I do not understand much of what you say, but I need logs during sync.

Remove the provider enable logs then add the provider and wait for end of sync.

There are the lag files

I do not see any error in the logs, the logs are webdav not onedrive and I do not understand your issue at all :slight_smile:

And you please explain slowly your issue. Since you seem to use a translator. Use small simple sentences for improved results.