Problems with casting to speaker (chromecast)

I’ve been having problems with playback through a chromecast enabeld speaker for about two weeks. I haven’t noticed that before and using Youtube Music or Plexamp (so streaming and local media) seems to be working fine, so the speaker looks ok.

What I’ve noticed is that the playback randomly stops after some time, mostly after 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it’s within the first song, other times playback resumes after some time (like now).

Unfortunately i’ve had problems with gathering logs as it seems to work every time I enable debugging. But now I’ve had problems again.

I already disabled battery optimizations for Symfonium. I’ve attached the log, if you need more information please let me know. (35,1 KB)

I do not see any error in that log. Would need a log that reproduce the issue and details about when it stops and the songs currently playing and the state of the app when you open it after the stop.

OK, the playback stopped more than once but resumed after some time which it only sometimes does.

I’ll try to get better logs over the holidays and add them here.

Bump before closing.