Pre cache issue on Wi-Fi in playback cache setting

Issue description:

Hello, I had enabled playback cache by setting the size to 1GB and pre cache songs (mobile) to 5 songs and pre cache songs (Wi-Fi) to none. After enabling these settings and playing some FLAC files using Wi-Fi, the songs get cached even though on Wi-Fi it is set to none, because when I scroll trough the song wave bar it immediately starts playing the particular part of song instead of taking time to load when the main playback cache option is turned off.

do let me know if you need anymore info!


Upload description: PBC-AA-debug.log

Additional information:

Media Provider: Google Drive & Box (Haven’t tested with box)


Reproduction steps:


1.) Disable playback cache
2.) Enable playback cache my selecting 1GB as size
3.) Play 2 FLAC files
4.) Play the first FLAC file and scroll through song to ensure it is cache because it starts playing immediately after scrolling the song.

Media provider:

Any provider




Pre cache is relative to caching the future songs in the playlist.

If you enable playback cache current song is still cached. And next song will still start caching when you are near the end of the current one.

Ok got it. Thank you very much!