Polish characters and covers not loading on local library

Hi, when I’m trying to use Symfonium with my local library all covers are missing and Polish characters are mess. Covers are named folder.jpg and they are placed in a folder with music and they are embedded as well.
Polish characters like Ł Ą Ś etc. are mess, check screenshot, there should be “Łydka Grubasa”

debug-20220619_224525.zip (1,7 KB)

I need logs during a sync [Wiki] Sync media provider data

Here you go
debug-20220620_074131.zip (211,2 KB)

Logs shows Symfonium get it right, have you changed the font in the settings ? It’s possible it’s one font that does not have the necessary characters?

Can you send me in private one of those songs with bad artist name and should have cover so I can try to reproduce?

Ok, I wiped media storage settings and covers are visible after building whole library once again.
Characters encoding turns to be android problem as well because other apps which use android media storage, without embedded search engine shows those characters broken as well. I was trying to change characters encoding from 1250 to UTF8 and other formats, retag files etc but no luck.
The interesting thing is that it’s not a characters problem because other files with the same characters are shown properly. It’s like only few albums has this encoding problem.
Because it’s not related to Symfonium i’ll pass it for now and I’ll try to find a solution later.
Thank you anyway.

Ok, I’ve found what causes characters issue in tags.
So basically when you put “ó” in any field using ID3V2.3 instead of ID3V2.4 it brakes all other special characters. Funny thing, I was able to replicate this on 3 different android devices on Android 8, 9 and 10.
When you convert tags to 2.4 it’s fine again.

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