Plyaing songs from the home page overview rows don't honor the default song action option

Issue description:

I use the play (no automatic queue) option as my default song action.
I expected that when I click on a song in the Favorite Songs home page overview row, that it would honor this option. But it seems like it always queues all of my favorite songs or 5 stars songs or etc. Clicking on the play button seems to always only queue that song no matter what option you use as your song default action.
So it does seem like that option only works in list. Any chance you can make it so that it works everywhere or maybe implement another option for home page overviews?


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Additional information:

As the template says logs are always mandatory so that everyone gains time …

Anyway the play button over images always play so replace the full queue. This is for consistency and shortcut to reduce the number of clicks.

For the option yes it seems it’s not properly applied in that case will be fixed.

Sorry about the logs, I was on desktop and since this was more of a question, I decided not to post them immediately.

For the answer, yes it makes sense and thank your for fixing it in the future.