Please add a workaround for Chromecast duplicates

Issue description:

Chromecast Audio sometimes show twice in music apps (not only in Symfonium : Poweramp as well, etc…). A workaround would be welcome to only show the device once. The device hide feature is not enough : duplicated devices come back after a while.

Logs: (67.8 KB)


Additional information:

Seems that Google apps have implemented a filter for these duplicates (ie : Chrome)

Hum technically they have different ids :frowning:

Does the cast works on both the duplicates in all cases ?

Yes, as far as I have tested : they all work ok

After some googling : duplicate Chromecast is a very common problem.

I have double-checked everything I could from Wifi ARP table to Google Home configuration, and factory reset several times

Well Google Play Services quality :slight_smile:

Anyway if both routes do work I can hide the second one that arrive, let’s hope it does not trigger other issues for other users.

it has to be tested, yes indeed.


That’s a problem of Android 12 I presume, I also have the same problem, the Symfonium app has nothing to do with that.


Android 13 here