"Playlists" shortcut on Homescreen has hanging "s"

A minor cosmetic issue on my Pixel 3a running Android 12

Well there’s not much to be done you selected horizontal and 3 columns, the text does not fit, but it’s 2 rows for longer ones, so the overflow goes to the second row.

Maybe decrease the padding between the three buttons? Admittedly it’s a bit annoying

It depends on the phone screen size too.

By default buttons are vertical for a reason :slight_smile:

Or just use 2 columns. If you want to gain some space you can remove the symfonium logo.

There’s no magic some configuration can’t:display more that the available space. What when configuring 4 rows on a phone and not a tablet it can’t fit either.

Full configuration means you can reach invalid configuration else I return to fixed numbers and 2 column in horizontal mode…

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