Playlists scrollbar not persisted

Issue description:

Persisting the scrollbar state seems to be implemented on every view I have used in the app, but there’s a particular scenario where the scrollbar is reset to the top.

This issue happens in the playlists view, when I click a playlist for the first time, and when the playlist was automatically imported during the sync of the local device.

Note: If I click the playlist a second time, the issue will not happen for that playlist, but it will happen on any other playlist that I haven’t clicked yet.


Upload description: scrollbar not persisted log

Additional information:

This seems to be an old issue, since I’ve seen it in previous versions.


Reproduction steps:


  1. Sync your local device and include playlists
  2. Go to the playlists view
  3. Scroll down and look for a playlist at the bottom of the list
  4. Select the playlist, you will get the “your data is being synced with your media provider” message
  5. Wait for the playlist to load the tracks
  6. Go back to the playlists view

Issue: the playlist view will scroll to the top instead of staying in the same state it was before.

Media provider:

Local device