Playlists on homepage

Feature description:

I would love to be able to put individual playlists on the homepage. I know you can put a list of “favorite playlists” on an overview row but I dont love the horizontal scrolling of the overview rows. You could have an option to have smaller buttons like shortcuts with the playlist name inside the button or have larger buttons like the playlist buttons in the overview row but without horizontal scrolling. I would also love to be able to add an image to the playlist for easy identification if using larger buttons.

Problem solved:

I just want to reduce the number of button presses to get to the music I want to listen to. Adding an image to a playlist would make it easier to identify.

Brought benefits:

I feel like most people listen to their music via playlists. I may be wrong. I dont know. Being able to open symfonium, click a playlist and hit play/shuffle makes it very easy to quickly play the music you want to hear. Adding an image to the playlist would make the homepage look better having some images rather than just the generic playlist icon displayed everywhere.

Other application solutions:

I really like the jellyfin homepage. I have a bunch of different music libraries. Each library is a genre. Depending on what I want to listen to I click on one and hit shuffle. Very easy. Unfortunately jellyfin is not a very good music player. I wish it was but I dont think that is their main goal.

Additional description and context:

In the screenshots the small icons look really nice. The larger picture icons are too big and I would do three columns. I know you can edit the shortcut columns in symfonium. I hope both pictures uploaded. One didnt want to upload so I tried again so I dont know.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Processing: Screenshot_20230407-190046_Jellyfin.jpg…

If possible please provide screenshots of your idea of the implementation or how other application do this.

Here is the other screenshot

You can create playlist shortcut directly on your phone launcher no need to start the app at all :slight_smile:

With that said your need to do exactly as you want is already here.
Add the Genre page to the navigation bar and put it first. (Or if you want playlist playlists ;))

This will show the list of genre by default on starting the app.

Ok that’s great. I added Playlists to Home Screen Tabs and put it first so now the app opens to the playlist page. I can even adjust the columns and such. Awesome!