Playlists: Ability to add music from playlist view

Feature description:

When viewing a playlist, enable the ability for user to add songs to that playlist from the playlist view (e.g. ‘Add to playlist’ button)

Problem solved:

Easier to add songs to a current playlist being edited, instead of having to go out of playlist, go back to library, find matching songs, and remember which playlist needed the songs.

Brought benefits:

Easier playlist management.

Other application solutions:

Go out of playlist. Go to music library. Find songs. Remember which playlist was being edited. Add songs.

Additional description and context:

Proposal to make the buttons below work also in playlist view, and bring up search in library (currently when tapping them with no song selected, nothing happens)

Screenshots / Mockup:



Sorry no plans for that, due to the nature of the multi provider multi library and all the global filters, that would require a very complex selection dialog to handle everything.

There’s no point in duplicated everything that would need to be maintained just to gain a few clicks.