Playlist shortcuts?

New user here

Trying to place simple widget shortcuts to my smart playlists, and they are created with no label to differentiate which one is which.

Can someone point me to how this is done?


Nice filling of the template …

But this is a bug of your device it also does not show the icon.

Samsung S20FE 5g
Andorid 12
Nova Launcher

Could you suggest a solution for this?

I have PlayerPro, Rocket Player, and GoneMad players, and they do not have this issue.

If you have filled the template with the mandatory logs and everything I would be able to answer …

You mix widgets and shortcuts, if you want to create a shortcut use the shortcut option in the 3 dots menu.

My bad, thank you, that works.

I just bought the app last night, so I see I have a lot to learn.

I appreciate the help. I will do better as I learn>

Thank you!