Playlist shares

Hello Tolriq,

First off, i love you, mad respect for Yatse and stuff for Kodi, and I’m French so you’re even better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just discovering your new app (didn’t know was from you), I’m like wth it’s so well done ! (Then I see Tolriq, I’m like “of course” :D)

So about the request ;

Long time Plex user (lifetime lisense), they’ve done great with Plexamp, but man not being able to share a playlist (music) with home users is not acceptable. I think it’s the biggest feature requested on Plex forums for many years…

So do u think that would be do-able / thinkable ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m sure u have many other priorities, but I’m sure this one could make many Plexamp users think a lot about ur app !

Btw, if I buy ur app, is it available on Google play store family sharing stuff ?

Keep it up !

There’s no magic in apps, if Plex does not support that on the server side, client apps won’t be able too.

It would require another server part to store the data and share it between the devices it’s out of scope of this app. There will be export / import of the playlists but will require export, send by some way and import so not really magic.

Edit for your edit: No family sharing for now :frowning: Google does not support that for In app. And still does not offer a proper way to have trials for paid apps without subscriptions.

No problem, thanks for ur time !

Keep up the great work :wink:

Edit, one question ; when import a Plex playlist, if later on I add a song to the Plex one, will it sync to the symfonium’ s ?

It syncs after a sync or by pressing the sync button yes.

By sync ur app means “download” right ?

I meant without the need of downloading anything

No I mean the small sync icon near the display mode.
I should add the option to the 3 dots too.

Found it , good thing I asked cuz I thought this would mean download since ur downloads are called “sync” aswell !

Thanks again, i hopefully won’t bother you anymore :wink:

Looks sweet, just wish background would be black, but I think it’s Google 's fault since android 12 :wink:

Change theme to black ? :slight_smile: Or create a custom theme see wiki and use it.

And I don’t think there’s sync anywhere when talking about downloads.

Exact !
Désolé j’etais tout excité à découvrir une nvelle app made by Tolriq, même pas eus le temps de test les options si bien fournies :wink:

Pour le thème, j’ai juste l’habitude de quelque soucis sur d’autres apps depuis Android 12 qui veut absolument suivre la teinte du fond d’écran actuel.

Sinon si je peux aider (ou pas hésite pas.a.le faire savoir )

Dans ta bibliothèque il y a je pense une section manquante de Plex (album collection).

Pareil chez Plex, tout ce qu’il reconnaît sont les artistes/albums, pour les compilations faut bricoler en créant manuellement des “album collection”

Ne pouvant balancer qu’un screen par message en tant que nbel utilisateur, je fait suivre pour illustrer ^^

Only English here please :slight_smile:

And no idea what this is open another issue with more details about them.

About help I need feedback :slight_smile: And eventually some nice themes too

Aight I did it.

But you still French right ? :smile:

Yes I am :wink: 20 chars