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I am trying to import a playlist from Pulsar+ and I am not having any luck. I open the m3u file in a Word editor and everything looks as it should (location matches up to the location of the folders where the music is located and the slashes are all correct. I uploaded my report as Playlist Issue. Any advice would be much appreciated! I have just started using this app, but it really seems like you all have nailed it! Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks!



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Your files are relative to the storage folder.

Since Google in it’s infinite wisdom now prevent raw file access, the path are to be relative to what you select as the root you select as music source.

So if your music in in the Music folder and you select that as a source, the path needs to be /Music/… or a path relative to the playlist but inside the same source, in your case it seems the playlists are in the internal storage and the music on the sdcard so are not in the same source.

How have you defined your sources in Symfonium? And how do you try to import the playlists?

What is the format of a SMB playlist? This doesn’t work:
smb:// Lights - The Weeknd.mp3
smb:// - The Weeknd.mp3

This doesn’t work either:
/Music/A/Blinding Lights - The Weeknd.mp3
/Music/A/Starboy - The Weeknd.mp3

The path are either relative to the path of the playlist or absolute to the file.

You can see the path used by Symfonium with 3 dots then details.

If you still have issue open your own issue with logs.

Sources are defined, but after looking through the text file it appears there are a few tracks in sources that I haven’t. I’m in the process of doing some serious housekeeping on my phone/external HD (they are disorganized as can be) as far as music goes and I think after that I shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve tried countless audio player apps over the years and this one is hands down the best I’ve come across.

Thanks, problem solved.