Playlist import page

Feature description:

It would be nice to be able to quickly import new playlists from my server that I haven’t imported before. It would also be nice to be able to search for a specific playlist and sort playlists alphabetically.

Problem solved:

Improved import tools help all users with many playlists on the server, especially for cases where new server playlists are created often. Those would help keep the app in sync with the playlists on the server, because this needs to be done manually. The current import screen requires a long search through a list that is sorted in ASCII order, for each new playlist.

Brought benefits:

Fewer taps to update the local library. Not quite a one click fix for playlist sync, but it would be a lot better.

Other application solutions:

This is not a problem in other apps because they either own their playlists or mirror playlists from elsewhere.

There’s already the import all + skip duplicates for that use case.

The playlists are already sorted alphabetically too.

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Oh, perfect.

They’re sorted by uppercase followed by lowercase.

That I can fix easily.

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Sorry for sharing another huge log file. I noticed that the import all + skip duplicates option does duplicate some playlists. It seems like it duplicated playlists that have empty names. If that’s the case, I suspect it may also misbehave for multiple playlists with the same name. (14.7 MB)

Also on the subject of playlists, I’ve noticed that playlist name updates don’t sync. Is this intended?

No normal server accept empty playlist name so well. I’ll try to workaround this but you should use an existing proper server :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes the skip duplicate is based on names as some providers do not expose playlist ids. I’ll see to handle the servers that expose them better.

And yes the names are not currently synced by choice as it’s not always wanted. Not decided yet if I do it for case or keep consistency.

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