Playlist Import/Export/Transfer between local devices and apps

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Two related issues I’m stuck with, which I didn’t find in the FAQ:

(1) I’ve created a Playlist on one local device. Now I want to transfer it to another local device. How to import/export/transfer them? Both devices (actually Android smartphones) are on the same WLAN and have the same music folder structure.

(2) I have an m3u playlist generated by GMMP. How can I import it into Symfonium? The m3u file is UTF-8 and contains absolute paths, i.e. entries like “/storage/emulated/0/Music/Sven/M/Marina Ruiz Matta/2017 - Azul final/03-Zampanó.mp3”

Sorry if this is a dumb question.



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This is not yet possible, as you may know Symfonium support many different providers with each one having unique constraints and above that support mixed playlist with content from multiple providers in them.

This is makes it quite complicated :slight_smile:

With that said for your second part, I could already expand the import playlist to try to support M3U, hoping I can workaround all the limitations of SAF of course.
Please upload your sample m3u here so I can see if there’s some non standard stuff in it.

Here it is: (3.5 KB)

The biggest problem with m3u files is that most players write them with absolute paths, so it’s always a pain to transfer them to a different medium (e.g. SD card or USB stick), which has a different root. In this file, the root is /storage/emulated/0, i.e. the standard root of Android internal memory. However, it can be something like /storage/1234-ABCD (SD card) or /mnt/media_rw/1234-ABCD (mounted removable media) as well.

I know and then there’s SAF that does not even expose the real path and we need to cheat and hope it works.

It’s why it’s still not here.

I, too, have a use for this feature.

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For what it’s worth, this would really benefit me too unless someone is able to offer a better playlist file format for Symfonium to read locally stored files?

Just wondering if you have an ETA on supporting M3U import from the local device. Many other apps automatically import m3u playlists located in the same folder as the audio files. Thanks