Playing wrong song from the Files list

Issue description:

So, when I go to the Library, the Files, my media provider (Emby), and find my music folder, I tap on a song but it plays totally different song. As you can see on my screenshot, I tapped the first song on the top, and you can see which one it played on the botton. But, when i click on the 3 dots on the right side of the song, and tap Play, it plays the correct song.

Logs: (75.2 KB)


Seems an old bug is back :frowning:

You have folders in that file list, when you click the folders are expanded as there’s support for 1 level recursion, but there’s a bug in the updated new index position.

I should probably stop expanding the subfolders when clicking songs in file mode and only use it when playing full directory, it probably makes more sense.

Here’s that folder structure:

And you are right. When there is no other subfolder in that folder which contains the music I’m playing, everything is fine.