Player Skip Silence Option skips too much

Issue description:

Got a few songs were the Player skips more than the silence in the beginning/end of a song. Looks like this option needs to be more sensitive

Logs: (9,8 KB)


Additional information:


The option skip all silences, not just start / end it’s how it works in the engine I use and meant primarily for Audio Books.

If you have better idea for the naming please tell.

ahhh, i tough its just beginning/end so mabye Skip ALL silcence will be a name that describes it better :smiley:

Well yes does not hurt to add the all :slight_smile:

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First of all, just wow… Installed again your app, idk why I didn’t keep it the first time. It’s really excellent. First time I see a modern UI AND good performance AND extensive features/compatibility. The new Home options are great, it has a lot of potential. I really installed this app at the right timing.

However, if I’m in this thread, it’s because I have small complain about this feature (Skip Silence): I toggled it, because in some songs, the last 3-4 seconds of a song are quiet so it kind of defeats the purpose of gapless playback.
After that, I noticed that in some deep house songs, the beat was completely off-beat (if that makes sense? Like a scratched CD!). Luckily I figured out quite quickly what was the culprit, but it could have taken ages if I didn’t have this option in mind.

Therefore I have two alternative suggestions:

  1. I understand that the feature works as intended (for audiobooks), but then, you should add a popup or something that say people should be very careful with this setting when playing music, as it can ruin songs. I think the addition of “all” is not enough, as I got tricked.
  2. From what I understood, this feature is hard to change, but maybe you could add a minimum duration? Like, if the silence lasts less than a second, it’s not skipped? Otherwise, I really don’t mind, I’ll just leave this setting off. But then I go back to 1), I think you have to be careful to avoid disappointed users or even bad reviews.

Anyway, thanks again for your amazing app!! It’s my first day of using it, but I’ll paypal you in 14 days if I keep enjoying it, as I don’t have a Google account connected to my device.

see Add two setting to adjust thresholds for Skip Silence

I did read it already (quickly though), so I assume you mean 2) is not a possibility? In that case I can only recommend to do something about 1).