Player notification returns after being closed

I have some knowledge as a developer and so I know why I mentioned that, but not currently focused on programming that much as before.

I wasn’t specifically referring to really old Android versions to target, but those others that are still considered decent versions and worth to maintain.

Sometimes an app requires compatibility fallbacks or even device-specific implementations, of course that means more work and complexity to maintain, that’s why it should be something balanced and in the end it depends on each dev how much compatibility to maintain in order to get to more users/devices, of course from a general perspective is more pleasing and easier to maintain when only targeting the most modern OS and devices and taking advantage of most recent features, etc.

This is Android, notification and media session are fully linked and this is the core of the app :slight_smile:

On the devices I support only Android 9 and 10 only support the notification and do not use the media session. For my user base this is less than 4%.

So yes I could drop those devices to make my life a lot simpler, but I doubt this would solve your issue :wink:

In this case again this is not about compatibility or whatever, this is a specific need that you prefer over the way it works normally. The fact that other apps does not do that does not make those apps the proper way.

Anyway I’ll stop the queue for Android 9 and 10 on swiping the notification, I’m sure I’ll then have another user complain but well.

I see, regarding that first I just have to say that notifications are not meant to reappear when dismissing them, even when an app restores previous notification info, I’m pretty sure Google wouldn’t want that behavior either, not sure the methods those others apps are doing to avoid that when those apps gets restarted, but in the end what matters most on an app purpose is the value it provides with the functionality and UX, which also exists standards of that last, just like the one I mentioned before.

What I would do in this case, from a developer mind perspective would be to implement an opt-out from the default behavior to solve these issues on devices like mine without affecting others as a workaround until a more proper solution can be implemented.

@edzw, you surely mean well and want to achieve the best result for youself. But be aware that you are talking to a very experienced long-time Android developer (while you do not seem to be active in Android development, at least currently), and explaining to him how things work. I think in most contexts it is considered rude to explain somebody how they should do their job while you only have a rough understanding of the field. Just consider this.

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@splinter Not the case at all… You are taking it the opposite way and in a wrong way. (And I just hope he didn’t take it as you in this case).

I was just talking from a general point of view from a developer perspective regarding standardized things that doesn’t have anything to do specifically with Android… Things adapts for each platform or technology, but principles are the same, if you read carefully you would notice that what I really emphasize is on those things that really applies in general scenarios when it comes to development. But also in order to really identify that would require objectivity and also having some tech or at least programming logic background helps to properly identify the points I was focusing on, without taking it the wrong way…

Also, I wasn’t focusing only on my own need… Another wrong perspective, of course I’m an affected user on this matter, but in order to not misunderstand how I really are, mindset and intentions, you have to keep in mind that I have a developer mindset as well, so I’m not focusing only on me as a user, but also from an integral perspective, I am not or I will not be, the only affected user caused by this issue plus I always assume other developers also have enthusiasm/passion on their products looking to always keep delivering best possible quality, stability and value in the end.

So every time I contact a company or developer to report an issue or provide ideas, feedback, etc, I always start from that assumption, that both parts are interested on contributing on making the software better in every possible aspect, and so I’m always interested on contribute in anything I can, as I know I also can provide value with that, and it’s always gratifying for me when they appreciate it and let me know that, or asks me for more feedback, or even are interested on working together somehow.

What I’ve personally noticed a few times, is that sometimes when a developer isn’t really passionate on the product, or in the contrary when being passionate but having a high ego, they tend to be more close, not hearing properly and objectively to feedback, etc. I would say it requires to be humble enough, being passionate and objective, in the end having a well balanced emotional intelligence to listen to valuable feedback the proper way.

In this particular case I don’t incline on being that but it just seemed not being that much synergy as other cases I’ve experienced. But believe me I’m always interested on the best for everyone, while really looking the best for the product and to all of their users and prospects, which in the end also benefits the company/developer, that’s something that defines me as a developer and user, involving myself with feedback, ideas, issue reports, etc, on whatever I can contribute on any product I truly believe and value.

(Btw, sorry if there’s any typo or grammar mistake left somewhere there)

I work in the IT business for two decades now, so thanks for explaining to me how developers think. And I also work with people a lot, so let me tell you that even if your intentions are otherwise, they do not come across as selfless as you declare. You did not even consider to ask if someone else has the same problem that you have, or recognize that your environment is an almost neglectable minority for this app (less than 4%, as mentioned above). Instead you are very insistent that there is something wrong with this app, with assumptions only based on your own user experience and what you saw in other apps - not the developer view at all!

But I’ll leave you be now, grab my popcorn and observe what happens when you try again to subliminally accuse someone of having a big ego :nerd_face:

@splinter Wow! you really took it even worst now…

Clearly you can’t really truly understand how I am. I can only talk about myself as developer, user and person, I never said all developers focus are same.

Also for me it’s not about the current user base, that’s why I also mentioned prospects, even when being a minority, because how I care on software quality, stability, etc, as developer, I would expect same from other developers, and those are the cases when I enjoy when contributing together, and example of someone I really respect and admire because of how much open he is and look to provide excelent software quality is the founder of the Mirillis software company. He has all those qualities I mentioned before while at the same time he’s an excelent developer.

I also like to honor and recognize talented people with great qualities as persons, you are just in a way different perspective and perception than mine.

And yes, I can tell when an app is behaving wrong (in an unexpected way, giving a bad UX) not because of my own personal thoughts as you claim… but because of standards that I think you should also know as working on the IT business.

I really didn’t accuse anyone from having big ego… big ego is something that can’t be hiden in those that have it and I really can’t get along with those kind of persons, I know who I really are, I just thought it would worth it to express myself clatifying things to you but seems you just can’t really understand what I’ve been saying and acting defensively without reason, which is a non-healthy way of perception of life…

Anyway, have a good day.

You really managed to make it worse at each of your posts.

Again a simple example of your limited POV on this despite all my explanations and you keep telling that the app is broken.

Windows always had start menu in a certain way until Windows 10, and many people could not adapt but no one forced them to update and the UX have changed over the years leading to the new UX. And Microsoft did not revert it’s changes because people where unhappy, because there was a reason for the changes.

Symfonium is Windows 11 when you were used to Windows 95 on your phone. It’s not broken it’s different … If Google moved away from notifications for Media Playback and only used MediaSession there’s a … reason.

So yes no one can understand you and you seem to know better and know that the app is broken, but sorry to disappoint it’s not the case.

Anyway as said I’ve added a workaround for your specific use case. Let’s stop this endless repeat of the app is broken and we do not understand anything here.

Please refrain :slight_smile:

With all respect… but that isn’t accurate at all. You mentioned a UX that is completely related to OS design. That isn’t a valid comparassion with this case (that Win 95/Win 11 example it’s just way far of being something similar to this), we are talking about an obvious behavior, It is actually pretty simple to understand it if you focus on the UX rather than programming/technical matters… To understand my point you have to think on the end user, a dismissed/closed notification shouldn’t reappear to a person unless it makes a logical sense, because of providing functionality under a certain scenario going on with the app.

If a user pauses an audio and decides to slide to close the player notification, it means because that user don’t want to use the player and wants to clear that notifiaction until manually opening the app again. That’s a pretty basic user behaviour to understand, and so any non-persistent notification shouldn’t mess with that behaviour by returning the notification when the user has made it clear that doesn’t want to see it anymore until opening the app again (when really needed).

Unfortunately you took it wrong because didn’t understand my point properly on that generalized/standardized, expected user behaviour on that above… but Thank you, I really appreciate you added a workaround for this scenario and I’m also happy to know other current users and potential future users won’t be affected by this.

And you could not refrain …

Again: Why do you think Google have moved away from notifications for media playing starting with Android 11?

To resume: There’s no more any fucking notifications for media playback because it was a bad UX and they replaced it with media session and full integration in the OS. With specific settings to manage what happens when media session is stopped or not and how to fucking restart the playback even when the application is killed …

You have absolutely no idea about what you are talking about and yes my example is perfectly valid as correspond exactly to this situation.

PS: The question is rhetorical, if you want to still be able to post requests and support here, I suggest that you avoid repeating again that I do not understand anything …

I just think it isn’t a good way nor healthy to end a conversation that way without understanding each other points in a proper way…

Please don’t assume as if I were saying something wrong about you… I never said you do not understand anything… I only referred regarding my point on that user behavior that was affected specifically.

Your points have nothing to do with what I mentioned before, your points and mine doesn’t really contradict… Please keep our comunication objective, it wasn’t about anything against you or me…

Your points were focusing on Android 11+ while in my case I was simply focusing on backwards compatibility from Android 9-10 on the importance of fixing that user behavior and user expectation that was indeed affected on those previous Android versions.

I really wouldn’t like we end the conversation in a wrong way and without truly understanding each other intentions and words, we both have valid points that doesn’t even contradict. And as I said, I really appreciate you worked on something to handle that scenario for previous Android versions, I would just wish our conversations wouldn’t have turned in any wrong way.

At this point this is trolling you were warned, so thanks bye.

When I tell you that the UX have changed and that Symfonium use the latest UX things what part do you not understand by keeping repeating that previous UX is more important than new UX and that I just do not understand what you are trying to say.

You did 0 attempt to read or understand what I said and I’ve lost more time and energy than any money I will ever make from Android 9 and 10 users …

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