Playcount not updated when casting

Issue description:

I am using a navidrome media provider. When generating the logs, I did the following

  1. Play a song on Local device (Android)
  2. Skip towards the end of the song.
  3. Wait for the song to finish.
  4. See playcount increase and ‘last played’ date update in navidrome web interface
  5. Navidrome will start playing next song.
  6. I start casting Navidrome to “Living Room TV” (Chromecast)
  7. I skip the song towards the end
  8. Wait for the song to finish.
  9. Playcount does not increase. Last played date does not change.


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Reproduction steps:

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So you have no other song after the second song ?

Do you have the multiple queue option enabled?

Yes, I was playing an album, so Navidrome was automatically starting to play the next song.

That’s not the question :slight_smile:

After the song played on Chromecast what happened a new one started or you were at the end of the queue ?

And do you have the option multiple queues enabled?

So after the song ended did the now playing screen disappeared ?

Maybe you can make a video to show exactly what you do

I was in the middle of the (album) queue. Chromecast was starting the next track in the album. Looking at the logs it seems to act weird though.

“Multiple media queues” option is disabled.

Let me try to capture the events visually somehow.

I have a recording. How can I share privately with you?

I uploaded the video. I also uploaded the log file.

The first song I play (on local device) is “Am I Losing You?”. Play count for this song gets updated correctly.

  • I only see two “Updating: Am I Losing You? (Song)” messages in the log.

The second song is called “Angel”. This play count does not get updated

  • I see ten “Updating: Angel (Song)” messages in the log, suggesting something is off :slight_smile:

Logs are strange seems your chromecast does not send position update when the app is in background.

Can you test with Symfonium opened and screen on during the media end to see if it works?

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Then it works! Let me double check battery optimization settings. I thought I already fixed this.

This is Asus Zenfone 10 btw.

Yep, issue resolved now. Under app info - app battery usage, it was still set to “optimized” and “background app management” was enabled. I changed this to “unrestricted” and disabled the background app management.

Note that these steps are slightly different from what is on for Asus devices. That site mentions a “Power Master” app but I cannot find that on my device (Asus Zenfone 10). I did get a notification earlier telling me Symfonium would eat battery in the background. I recall telling it to ignore, but apparently that was not sufficient.

Thanks for debugging!