Playcount doesn't increase when looping over a single song in the queue

Issue description:

  1. pick a song and tap three dots on it to open the menu
  2. tap play the song
  3. open the playing interface, and switch the mode to loop all
  4. wait for the song to start playing the second time
  5. switch back the mode to not looping
  6. wait until the song finishes playing

The playcount only bumps for the second play. If I keep looping many times, all of those would be counted. Also if I cancel the looping too late in the second play, that play may not be counted either.


debug.log (692.2 KB)

(To be honest I don’t think you really need the log here. Your log contains lots of information, and all your log are not obscured, nor does the forum restrict downloading attachments. This feels like a huge privacy hole to me.)


Additional information:

The logs are redacted and are mandatory. Users can send them by mail or via PM.

If I keep looping many times, all of those would be counted.

I suppose you forget a not ?

I briefly scanned the log and I can see at least the server address, song id, name, etc. are all included in the log file so I’m not very convinced that it’s redacted, or at least not redacted enough…

Right, they are not counted.

The template message doesn’t mention that… That should probably be the default, or maybe it’s better just restrict downloading by default?

Because PM are blocked by default until some delays. And users usually directly send by mail the issue itself.

There’s no function to block attachement downloads in discourse except from non logged users that is already enabled.

The IPs are necessary to debug, song id, names of the songs also of course … I can’t match anything without those.
All tokens, login, password are redacted, the rest is necessary to be able to debug anything.

I searched and never found a self hosted, secure open source, solution that would allow users to easily upload files, generate link that only me would be able to see but them too to delete if they upload something they did not meant too. And with auto cleanup after some configurable delays + security against abuse and content filtering.

If know something that does all that or can code one then I’m all ears.