Playback won't resume after phone call

Issue description:

Tested with three calls with these logs.

5 sec call - works as it should
20 sec call - works as it should
Two minute call - does not resume


Upload description: telrod11 phone resume

Additional information:

Make some calls and see if SF resumes

Reproduction steps:

In audio focus, choose pause (short interruptions)

Don’t select the stop playback after call

Media provider:

Local device



Your device kills Symfonium in the logs (Or at least kills the process needed Previous exit reason: 12/300 - depends on provider in dying proc (adj -10000) [2024-03-05 14:05:22.907])

Seems it restart the app after but the app have no indication about why it’s restarted or a change in audio focus so can"t restart playback at random.

Check to see if you can do something about this.

OK, I will check there and see if I missed anything, and report back in a coupe of days of testing. Thanks

Ok, made some changes in the battery setting for the app, and it appears to be working, thanks for the help