Playback speed not working

Issue description:

Changing the playback speed doesn’t appear to do anything. I adjusted the slider to 1.10x all the way to 2.0x and noticed no change. I clicked the close button and still no change.


Attached log. (299 Bytes)

The log is empty you need to reproduce with logs enabled.

And of course do not have the local rendered hi res enabled as it says that it disable playback speed.

I took a look at that hi res feature. It was indeed on, although the music I was playing was regular AAC files. I turned it off and tried again but I noticed this time around that when I was changing the slider that the speed label on the now playing screen was changing as I scrolled, but was instantly reverting back to 1x. Almost as though it would let it try updating, but refusing to let that bind.

I did turn on the logs but I wonder if perhaps this isn’t capturing that action.

The option have nothing to do with the input and the description is clear about playback speed.

For the logs, everything is logged. But you need to enable the logs, reproduce then stop the logs, the logs you uploaded contains 1/2 sec of log so enable then directly disabled.

So be sure to force kill the app just in case then provide proper logs.

I’m thinking perhaps doing a full restart on the app (killing it) fixed this. I can see it working as expected when I have the hi res feature turned off for both hi res and regular files, and then it disables the feature for hi res as soon as I turn it back on. Thank you for the assistance!