Playback speed has gone crazy

Issue description:

I am using v10.0.0.
Music playback is completely out of control: tempo speeds up, slows down, speeds up,…
A new version definitely has broken sth bcs this was not happening before.
I uploaded a log under jo12345
Thanks for your help


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Reproduction steps:

Speeding up and slowing down of the song does not happen for every song.
Sometimes this effect dissapears 3 minutes further in the song and returns.

Other music players on my phone don’t have issues with the same mp3s.

Very annoying as this app has become unusable for me!

Media provider:

Local device



The logs are nearly empty but:

positionDiscontinuity [eventTime=177.66, mediaPos=14.63, window=0, period=0, reason=SILENCE_SKIP, PositionInfo:old [mediaItem=0, period=0, pos=14623], PositionInfo:new [mediaItem=0, period=0, pos=14633]]

Don’t enable the option Skip silence ? :wink:

I disabled the skip silence and so far it works for the first songs I re-checked.
I assumed skipping silence meant the silence between 2 songs but does this skip the silences within the song then?

Thanks for your swift reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it skip all silences hence the all in the name of the switch :slight_smile:

I mean I kind of understand wanting to skip silence before and after a song, but within? What kind of psychos would ever want that?

Audiobooks, podcasts, … same as playback speed.

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I’ve never noticed silence in the audiobooks I listened to but that makes sense.