Playback pauses when Symfonium is not in Focus

Issue description:

Hi Tolriq,
I have stumbled upon an issue where the playback of a song pauses when I switch focus away from symfonium another app.

The “Pause” happens ca. 10-20s after switching to another App and was reproducable while testing.

The App and mediasession notofication dont Show a “Pause” though (see Screenshot)


Upload description: metalheim-playbackstopsWhenAppLosesFocus

Additional information:

Im using latest navidrome 0.52 as Server.
This issue is also New to me, i never had symfonium do something similar so far.
Playback resumes asap when I switch focus back to Symfonium.

I captured very short logs During which I switched Apps 3 times (every time the playback stopped shortly after)
If logs are too short, just tell me and I can try to reproduce better later today.

I have followed the “dont kil my app” steps to allow symfonium running in the background.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:





The logs does not show anything, but like nothing at all, no focus change no pause nothing, so it’s normal that the notification still shows the pause button as this does not seems to happen in Symfonium.

Try to reboot the phone, then provide longer logs with an full Android bug report after it happened.

I tried to reproduce this issue to capture proper logs, but couldn’t reproduce anymore.
Please close and consider this solved for now. Sorry for the Buzz