Playback cache feedback is inconsistent

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I have media files served from a Gonic server. Most files are videos served directly to Symfonium but the same thing happens on transcode or on reading audio files. I have playback cache set to 256MB, and the visual feedback is not consistent: the scrubber on the playback view only shows that about 1 minute is cached after the current position, but I can listen to the whole song if the phone is then set to airplane mode.


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Reproduction steps:

 Reproduction steps:

  1. Enable playback cache
  2. Queue several songs
  3. Start playing the first song and set your phone to airplane mode

Expected: The scrubber displays the whole song is cached
Actual: The scrubber only shows that about 1 minute forwards is cached 

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According to this topic, this small bar in the scrubber is the player buffer and is unrelated with playback cache.

I don’t think there is a way to know what is exactly cached in the playback cache.

Thanks, I missed that one! As it’s been recently resolved I’m not going to open a feature request for it.