Play queues

Issue description:

When I have multiple queues, seems like sometimes when I return to a previous que its empty. The que name shows up, but no content.


Upload description: Items go below android bottom menu

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Reproduction steps:

Since recent updates I cant seem to access certain menu items because they wind up below Android menu bar. I know I can hide menu bar but would prefer not to.

Media provider:

Local device




The description have nothing related to the logs and screenshots so quite hard to understand …

The screenshot does not show the bottomsheet under the navigation bar as there’s no nav bar.

You can scroll the view to access all the content.

I’m sorry, didn’t realize that the screenshot didn’t show my menu bar. It does not let me scroll, example, when I view the play queues , the “Delete all other queues” cant be pressed because it falls behind the Android menu bar. My work around has been to auto hide menu bar, then I can press “Delete all other queues”

The button is not even visible in the screen, I don’t see how you could not scroll.

What happens if you rotate the phone? Still not possible to scroll?

Scrolling works just fine if I rotate to landscape.

This makes no sense. Can you make a video in portrait to see how the sheet react ?

Maybe from another device if the nav bar is still not visible.

I made a video but cant upload it here

Yes you can :wink:


Ok so should have told me you upload as I’m not notified.

Anyway, this is a Compose bug with Android 9/10 :frowning: Will workaround in a future release.

Thank You for your quick response.