Play count doesn't increase

Issue description:

Since last update (currently using 9.1.0), the play count on songs is not always updated after listening.
I did no changes on server side.

The log is uploaded under my nickname.


Upload description: kosmosmonk

Additional information:

Using Navidrome 0.51.1

Reproduction steps:



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This may be the same error that I reported on local media about the play count not incrementing…

I’ve seen it, but issue also occur on “regular length” songs on my side. Could be related though.

The last report I made at the end of that thread is that normal length songs now won’t increment, if they are the last in the playlist.

Yes it’s probably the same and will be fixed.

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Could it be somehow related to transcoding? It seems to happen with trancoded songs, and I noticed last Symfonium version has some transcoding issues (sometimes songs don’t get transcoded for instance).

Edit: well it’s also occurring with direct play

Not aware of any issue for that open a different issue if you can repro.

And yes the issue fixed is about the last played song whatever the mode.

Will do if I witness it again.

Just tested “Last Song” of a smart playlist, and the bug persists in 10.0 Beta 1.

Yes, I used Ringtones as the genre, and play count in that list (which I know you hate), but you will see that it increments them all up and removes them until it gets to the last song in the list, and then it just hangs, and will not increment.

If I change the smart playlist to up the play count one more, it will add all 135 of the songs and then do the same thing, leaving the last one, which should also increment and leave that play list.

Debug logs sent - telrod11

Shortened the test up for the log, and made sure a different piece of media does the same thing and it does.

Second set of Logs sent as telrod11 - 1

what does this means?

Sorry, that means the last song “hangs” - will not increment.

You want a small sampling of the songs and the smartlist?

No need, the logs just don’t make sense as impossible. Can you make a video of what you do ?

Can’t upload the video here, apparently.

Here’s the share

Let me know if you can see it

You can upload via Secure file sharing with support given already a few times :wink:

Anyway seems to be specific to that songs that does not always update but sometimes do can you provide it ?

It’s not just that song.
It could be that it is just a song of that “length”.
It’s just always the last song that is in that queue for that smartlist.

I’ll send you several really short ones and you can play with them.
You’ll see it will change as you go through them.

Uploaded through the secure link as

Just play with play count on that group with smart playlist, and shuffle.
You should see what I’m describing.

Playing with just nine of that short songs this morning, here is what I see:

Reset playback history
Set smartplaylist to play count 1

Set playback to 2…3…4…5…

You will eventually see how it leaves the last song in that smart playlist.

Thanks. This is on short songs, but I saw it on normal length songs too, they just aren’t as prevalent, as it takes much longer to get to them.

Sent you another video this morning as I continue to play with this issue.

If I clear the program cache then go back to the playlist it will increment just as it should

Can’t reproduce anything, probably a small race somewhere.

I’ll add some attempts for next beta.


Thanks for trying.

If you can’t get it,and it’s only these short snippets of songs, obviously it’s not a big deal.

For my use case, I’ll play all those ringtones (which I do want to keep in my library), and get the play count up, so they don’t invade my smart playlists .

I could also fix that by excluding them from said playlists, but now it’s just a matter of “I’m not letting logic beat me”!

Worse case scenario is I see that force stopping the app, and clearing the cache works to move that count, I’ll use Tasker to automate this, if it’s uncode-able