Play click in artist page doesn't play songs in order, for example, year of release

Feature description:

If I choose my Albuns to be displayed in year of release order and hit the play button in the artist page it doesn’t play in order, it kinda random the Albuns, not respecting the year of release order. But it works well if I scroll down to bottom page and enter the Albuns page in the bottom and hit play button. A video could show this better, I think

Problem solved:

My playlist are messed

Brought benefits:

I can listen to my whole discography in the year of release order.

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Duplicate and documented.

The play button plays the songs of the artist, to play albums of an artist in a chosen order then as you saw you go to the artist album page sort and use the play button.

You can configure the app to skip the artist detail page and directly go to the albums.

I think it’d be the opposite like every other music player because the “normal” behavior to play the discography is hidden or it should have an option to click and hold the play button to change the way I want the Albuns to be played, but it’s ok if it’s your decision.

You need to actually define discography properly for that you know.

Symfonium support Album artists, Track artists and Composers.

What is a discography for you is not a discography for someone else.

Discography is a descriptive list of recordings by category, composer, performer, or date of release, according to Merriam Webster, nor just a random album choosen without any purpose out of the whole discography, but once again, that’s just my opinion and I respect your decision.

I’ll add some settings but again:

An artist can be album artist without being artist on any tracks, a track artist can have tons of tracks but never be an album artists.

So if I play albums in order the second one have nothing to play, if I play songs in order the first one have nothing to play.

Add Composer and then songs where an artist is a composer is in the discography or not ?

So all albums where the artist is album artist? Or all albums where the artist is album artist or have a song or is composer? Or all songs? Or ?

That’s already quite a different ways to play a discography.

For an app that only support 1 album artist and no track artist this is simple, for an app that fully embrace everything a music library have to offer this generate a lot more possibility to what a discography is.

Thank you, I’ll appreciate it. I love music and got almost 20k songs and love to play in release date order, so it’s gonna be a very welcomed option.

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I’m posting again to thank you for adding the option to sort Albuns for classification order. It’s working pretty well now. I’m happy I bought it. I only think the sort by chronological order are duplicated.

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It’s just the wrong text, the last one is reverse order.

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Thank you for this change!

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