Play/cast to other Jellyfin clients without discovery

Feature description:

With some jellyfin clients you can, with the cast-function, choose among other active clients where the music will play.

For example, if jellyfin is running in a browser on my laptop, and kodi is running on the tv with the jellycon addon, then when I play a song on my phone (with jellyfin for android) I can “cast” it to either of those devices, regardless of what subnet they’re on.

It seems that Symfonium can only cast to what it discovers itself (on the same subnet), and not to other active clients that are known to the server.

(Is this the case, or am I missing something?)

Problem solved:

Casting to devices on other subnets, or to other clients that Symfonium hasn’t discovered but are known to the server

Brought benefits:

It’s common to make seperate vlans for different types of devices, and often times we find the devices we want to play to on another vlan than the devices (and servers) we play from

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Do you really manage to use that function reliably without any issues ?

Everytime I tested it did not work correctly and had a ton of issues.

The other thing is that Symfonium is multi provider so can cast local content or plex content mixed with Jellyfin content, that would not work in most case if the target renderer is not able to access Symfonium anyway.

Yeah, for me it has worked without issue. I mainly play to jellycon on kodi, though.

I do get that with Symfonium, having different providers and libraries, it’s complicated. It would probably have to be on the condition that only jellyfin is used as media provider, as not to make casting confusing for multi-provider users. Or possibly a toggle that’s off by default.

I do understand that it’s somewhat niche, and that maybe your time is better spent elsewhere. I would really appreciate it though, should you find the time.

+1 for this, or the option to add cast destinations manually.
I have a few players (upmp/mpd) on my wired network that I’d like to be able to control from Symfonium. Discovery works great while my phone is docked (on the wired network) but not across into other segments/vlans.

Jellyfin is my only provider.

I would love to be able to select the songs and create the cue on sym then cast to jellyfin on my Roku.

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