Play album's next track (during Song Mix) + mappable headset button

Feature description:

Ability to instruct Symfonium to play the next song from the currently playing song’s album and offer this feature as a mappable headset button (under Settings > Playback).

Problem solved:

Sometimes I don’t have a particular song in mind and will hit Song Mix (shuffle) to begin playing music, and then at some point, a particularly enjoyable song will play and I will have the desire to continue listening to the next song from that album. Most of my time spent using Symfonium is while driving, and so it’s not feasible to get my phone to go to the album and find the next song to begin playing it. Being able to double or triple press the headset button to play the next song from that album would be very useful.

Brought benefits:

Especially useful for users who do not have immediate access to their phone, but may be wearing headphones or are connected via bluetooth. It would allow a person to effortlessly continue the party if a song comes on from an album that they want to continue listening to.

For users with large music libraries, there may be songs that they haven’t listened to in some time (or ever), and hearing one song come up while shuffling music can spark the desire to continue listening to the rest of the album. Or for albums that you’ve heard a hundred times and have an anticipation of which song comes next, but you happen to be in shuffle mode and don’t have immediate access to your phone.

Other application solutions:


Additional description and context:

This feature would be essentially performing the same action as tapping on the album the currently playing song is from, finding its track number in that album, then adding the rest of the remaining tracks from the album to the current queue (or maybe replace the queue entirely?).

I’m not sure if it makes more sense to add the album starting at the beginning or picking up from the next song in the album. I lean towards the latter because that’s the sensation I personally get. For example, if I’m shuffling songs and “Money” by Pink Floyd comes on, the end of that song blends into the next song from the album (“Us and Them”). Being able to immediately play the next song without tapping through the UI would be very convenient, especially while driving or similar activities where it’s not possible or safe to do so.

Screenshots / Mockup:

It would basically appear as another option in the Headset Button list when tapping on single/double/triple click.

I’m sorry but this is a way too specific need that does not really fit the app. That would also not work from Android Auto that is the prefered way to use audio apps on cars.

I totally understand. Figured it was worth a shot.

Thanks for your time and hard work on this outstanding app!