Pinch gestures in libraries

This is more of a suggestion but I think pinch in/out gestures would be a bit better for UX than relying solely on the mildly confusing “display options” in the library view.

Poweramp does this, for example, starting at the most “zoomed in” then zooming out:
2 columns
3 columns
4 columns
list with slightly larger icons, (just below name) track and total time count
list with smaller icons, (on right) track and total time count
list with no icons thus more entries on screen
list with no icons, more condensed, thus more entries on screen
list with no icons, two columns

Sorry no plans for that, menu and names are a lot more easy to discover, avoid gesture conflicts and allow consistent behavior, no menu = no configuration (Try long press drag and drop on most screen to play / queue for example).

With that said, there’s room for a few more display types, just waiting on more feedback to select what I’ll implement.

Switching between grids/round images via the menu is fine, I find, but the experience of scrolling back up to the top, opening a menu, then using a slider to adjust the grid size is clunky.

Say I have a large library, use the 5 column grid, scroll down quickly through 2900 entries, then want to zoom in to a 2/3 column view. I’d have to scroll back up to the top and open a menu to do that.

This is configuration details, no one change the display type multiple times per days, user take time to find the one they love for each kind of media and stick with it. (Few millions users over 10 years on other app of data and user feedback about that need).
But as said still a few more view type to build, so take time to describe those you’d like before I add them.
Most apps even have those configuration in the settings menu making it way harder to change and see the impact of their changes.