Phone + DAC : losing power stops playing

Issue description:

I am using my phone with a USB-C DAC so that I can add power and a 3.5mm jack to my phone in order to play music in my car.

When there’s no power in the DAC the music stops, I have to press play again in Symfonium, even when the power gets back on.


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Any provider



When your DAC stops the device says that the sound will be output to phone speakers and so automatically pause.

2024-06-12 11:10:21.149 Verbose/ExoPlayer: playWhenReady [eventTime=82.99, mediaPos=72.39, window=0, period=0, false, AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISY]

This is the normal behavior and wanted behavior. And since the DAC does not seems to send an headphone connected event there’s no automatic resume possible.

Not much I can do here.

Oh okay understood, sorry for bothering you I thought I was hitting a bug.